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We're Jenn and Evan, the humans behind GOOD HUMAN TODAY. We are two humble Midwest parents who believe teaching and practicing kindness, compassion, and empathy is as important as the ABC's and 123's. "BE A GOOD HUMAN TODAY" was inspired by a simple phrase Jenn would say to our children before leaving for work each day, reminding them to have a great day, and more importantly, "Be Good Humans." After all, it's not just about making it a good day for yourself, it's about making it a good day for others, too.


When our oldest son Grayson, started preschool, we wanted this message to be an important part of his school experience. We explained to him, being a GOOD HUMAN is about showing kindness, compassion and empathy to others. So, we made it into a little patch and attached it to his backpack on his first day of school. He couldn't read the words at the time, but he understood what it represented.


Quickly, this little patch turned into so much more. It became a conversation piece at the school pick-up line, amongst our neighbors and dozens of strangers we'd never even met before. They all asked if we had any extras. That is when we first started to realize that this wasn't just a family motto....this was the beginning of something bigger that others wanted to join and help spread. 



Good Human Today is for anyone who believes kindness, compassion, and empathy are the foundation of a good life and making the world a better place for all humans - little, big and everyone in between. 

Jenn + Evan